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UEZ Profi-Zwangsmischer ZM 100

UEZ ZM 100 / ZM 200 / ZM 300 Professional Compulsory Mixers

The professional compulsory mixers UEZ ZM 100, ZM 200, and ZM 300 provide perfect mixing results, sturdy design, and high-quality materials - the ideal partners for the rough life under daily building conditions. These three compulsory mixers vary in different sizes of mixing containers and offer capacities from 100 to 250 litres. 

The UEZ 4-arm-mixing-technology guarantees an intensive mixing within shortest time. The mixer’s arms are supported by springs, the shovels made from high-quality material. Due to their compact and sturdy design the compulsory mixers of the series UEZ ZM 100, ZM 200, and ZM 300 are the perfect partners for professionals searching for sturdy and easy-to-use machinery. All compulsory mixer models of these series come with vertical adjustment to change the discharging height. Due to their hand draw bar and their two wheels they can easily be moved in any position.

Technical Data Compulsory Mixers UEZ ZM 100 / ZM 200 / ZM 300

Technical Data

ZM 100

ZM 200

ZM 300

Content 200 litres 280 litres 340 litres
Ready-made mixture
(Fireproof compounds
depending on spec. weight)
100 - 130 litres
180 litres
240 litres
Delivery versions hand draw bar
diesel motor
80 kph road version
hand draw bar
diesel motor
road version
hand draw bar
Discharge height 530 - 680 mm 530 - 680 mm 530 - 680 mm
Motor 4.0 kW / 400 V 16 A 5.5 kW / 400 V / 16 A 7.5 kW / 400 V / 32 A
Mixer 48 rpm 48 rpm 48 rpm
Motor protection switch with rotational direction selection
16 A / 32 A connector
Accessories Drum dust cover     
Safety Automatic shutdown when safety grid opened
Discharge protection
CE certified
Dimensions L x W x H 1,200 mm
1,200 mm
1,500 mm
1,200 mm
1,200 mm
1,500 mm
1,300 mm
1,200 mm
1,500 mm
Weight 220 kg 380 kg 460 kg

Subject to technical changes.


UEZ compulsory mixers mix quickly, intensively and homogeneous:

Beton of all kind \\ Fireproof compounds \\ Screeds \\ Epoxy resins \\ Granulates \\ Plasters \\ Knifing fillers \\ PCC \\ Industrial floorings \\ Grout \\ Clay \\ Terrazzo \\ Adhesives \\ Repairing plasters \\ Full thermal insulations \\ Glues \\ Repairing grouts \\ Readymix self-adhesive plasters \\ Spray plasters \\ Dispersions

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