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Custom-made Mixers and Mixing Systems

UEZ Mischtechnik is the specialist for compulsory mixers and mixing systems. We develop and produce mixing solutions for a wide range of applications and have more than 65 years of experience in professional used compulsory mixing systems all over the world. We do what is possible to do. Contact us.

Examples for customized compulsory mixing solutions:

Compulsory mixer coloured in customer’s colour 
 Compulsory mixer with platform 
 Compulsory mixer made from stainless steel or Hardox 
 Compulsory mixer with discharging slide - version 1 
 Compulsory mixer with discharging slide - version 2
 Compulsory mixer with discharging slide - version 3 
 Useful height adjustment 
 Compulsory mixer with Diesel engine 
 Compulsory mixer with skids for stapler 
 Compulsory mixer with carrier - ideal for transports over stairs 
 Compulsory mixer with platform 
 Support wheel 
 Compulsory mixer in compact form 
Rails for compulsory mixers 

UEZ compulsory mixers mix quickly, intensively and homogeneous:

Beton of all kind \\ Fireproof compounds \\ Screeds \\ Epoxy resins \\ Granulates \\ Plasters \\ Knifing fillers \\ PCC \\ Industrial floorings \\ Grout \\ Clay \\ Terrazzo \\ Adhesives \\ Repairing plasters \\ Full thermal insulations \\ Glues \\ Repairing grouts \\ Readymix self-adhesive plasters \\ Spray plasters \\ Dispersions

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